Health hazards of Tea bags


Tea is the most important and indispensable food item that has been added to human life back centuries. In every country, people love to sip tea with or without bakery products like biscuits, cookies, bread, etc.

The most conventional and traditional way of tea making is the stripping of tea in boiling water that is around or > 90 degrees Celsius. Tea is taken in black tea form as well as in milk tea form as per the likings. Back a few years, people started dipping tea in the form of tea bags that are made up of paper bags, plastics, and other polymers. Even a significant fraction of people who are so health conscious, use to take green tea in the form of tea bags.

According to the latest research, 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nano plastics are released in a cup by dipping a single tea bag in boiling water of around 95 degree Celsius temperature. People are completely unaware of this fact and that’s why it’s my moral responsibility as a food scientist to put the facts in front of you. A few glimpses of that research are shared below this paragraph for your reference.

The research was conducted by Hernandez et al.,(2020) by performing various experiments and utilizing several instrumental techniques.

Associated Health hazards

Microplastics and nano plastics can damage the liver, kidney, and other organs of the human body and in severe cases, may cause cancer.


Prevention is all time better than treatment. So,, better not to take tea bags but rather use the conventional tea-making method. We should even remove plastics from our daily life to check for any kind of health hazards.

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