Foods that can help fight against COVID-19


As this is the
time of corona pandemic, we all are facing. Millions of people have died globally and this number reached lakhs in India. To date, no vaccine
is available against COVID-19 in the market. Although, people are trying at
their best. But, during this intermediate period, where, there is no solution
available in the market except to build up the immune system against novel
coronavirus, taking functional foods and nutraceuticals are the best options
to prepare themselves against COVID-19 if infect. There are certain foods that
can boost our immune system against any kind of infection. Foods are the
biochemical entity of nature that provides a sufficient amount of carbohydrate,
protein, fat, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and a variety of antioxidants to
fight against a number of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. God has
created the universe beautifully even beyond human perception. A plethora of
plant kingdom is spread through the terrestrial and aquatic regions of the
earth. Some foods are found everywhere on the earth, some are restricted to
certain regions and some are local. Our atmosphere, soil, and water have a variety
of microorganisms that may infect human beings and may cause disease. But, the
question is, whether, God has provided us the foods that can help fight
against corona. The answer is Yes. A number of foods are found on the earth
that contains antiviral properties and somehow improve the defense system of the body against infection.

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